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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] openvswitch: Orphan frags before sending to userspace via Netlink to avoid guest stall

On 03/07/2014 05:46 AM, Pravin Shelar wrote:
But I found bug in datapath user-space queue code. I am not sure how
this can work with skb fragments and MMAP-netlink socket.
Here is what happens, OVS allocates netlink skb and adds fragments to
skb using skb_zero_copy(), then calls genlmsg_unicast().
But if netlink sock is mmped then netlink-send queues netlink
allocated skb->head (linear data of skb) and ignore skb frags.

Currently this is not problem with OVS vswitchd since it does not use
netlink MMAP sockets. But if vswitchd stats using MMAP-netlink socket,
it can break it.

The secret is out ;-)

I was very surprised too when I noticed that it worked. It's not just
OVS, it's nfqueue as well. The reason is that an netlink mmaped skb is
setup with a giant tailroom in netlink_ring_setup_skb():

        skb->end     = skb->tail + size;

and skb_zerocopy() will consume whatever tailroom is available first:

        /* dont bother with small payloads */
        if (len <= skb_tailroom(to)) {
                skb_copy_bits(from, 0, skb_put(to, len), len);

I was planning to fix this while adding GSO support to the upcall as
that is the moment when this bug would really surface.

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