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Re: [Xen-devel] Please review the key 4.4 release docs

Russell Pavlicek wrote on 2014-03-10:
> I have done my best to compile the various key release documents for 
> the 4.4 release.
> All have hyperlinks from the download page:
> http://www.xenproject.org/downloads/xen-archives/supported-xen-44-seri
> es/ xen-440.html

I thought that we have agreed that we will move the nested virtualization from 
experimental to 1.0 or something else in Xen 4.4 release note. But it seems it 
still in experimental state and there is no mention of it in the release note. 

> I'd appreciate it if someone can review the 4.4 Feature List and the
> 4.4 Release Notes.  These wiki pages have been scraped and compiled 
> from other docs, but I fear they may be incomplete or contain 
> information which might need correction.  Please modify as needed.
> Two pages need content that I don't have: the 4.4 Feature Matrix and 
> the 4.4 Acknowledgements.  The first needs the hand of someone who 
> knows in minute detail the contents of the new release.  The latter 
> needs data which I'm not sure anyone but Lars knows how to obtain 
> (and, if so, may have to wait for his return).
> I will make the 4.4 download page appear in the XenProject.org 
> downloads listing at release time on Monday.
> I intend to be back online a couple hours before the 8 AM ET release 
> time to work on any adjustments necessary.
> Thanks,
> Russ Pavlicek
> Xen Project Evangelist, Citrix Systems Home Office: +1-301-829-5327
> Mobile: +1-240-397-0199
> UK VoIP: +44 1223 852 894

Best regards,

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