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[Xen-devel] [V1 PATCH] pvh: call pit_init for pvh also


New in V1:
  - move pit_init to arch_domain_create since it's called for all 3 guests..
  - move pit_deinit also to appropriately.

This should be backported to 4.4 IMO.


From V0:

I just upgraded by domU and ran into this pit related hang again for pvh. 
During shutdown, the guest does:

  [   24.617014] pcspkr pcspkr: shutdown

this results in call to handle_pio() --> .. --> handle_pvh_io() -> .. 
    handle_speaker_io() causing xen to hang on :


because pit_init has not be called and the spin lock didn't get initialized.

At least I see in my earlier patches I had call to pit_init, but it seems
to have fallen thru the cracks in final checkins. Anyways, here's my first
cut at the proposed fix. Other alternative would be to just register 
handle_speaker_io handler in pit_reset, since we don't seem to be emulating
pit for pvh. LMK suggestions if this fix is not very congenial. 

George, I think this should be a candidate for next 4.4 RC. Fix is simple
and it avoids hang in xen from pvh guest shutdown.

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