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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC v6 09/11] pvqspinlock, x86: Add qspinlock para-virtualization support

On 03/13/2014 07:21 AM, David Vrabel wrote:
On 12/03/14 18:54, Waiman Long wrote:
This patch adds para-virtualization support to the queue spinlock in
the same way as was done in the PV ticket lock code. In essence, the
lock waiters will spin for a specified number of times (QSPIN_THRESHOLD
= 2^14) and then halted itself. The queue head waiter will spins
2*QSPIN_THRESHOLD times before halting itself. When it has spinned
QSPIN_THRESHOLD times, the queue head will assume that the lock
holder may be scheduled out and attempt to kick the lock holder CPU
if it has the CPU number on hand.
I don't really understand the reasoning for kicking the lock holder.  It
will either be: running, runnable, or halted because it's in a slow path
wait for another lock.  In any of these states I do not see how a kick
is useful.

You may be right. I can certainly take this part out of the patch if people don't think that is useful.

Enabling the PV code does have a performance impact on spinlock
acquisitions and releases. The following table shows the execution
time (in ms) of a spinlock micro-benchmark that does lock/unlock
operations 5M times for each task versus the number of contending
tasks on a Westmere-EX system.

   # of        Ticket lock           Queue lock
   tasks   PV off/PV on/%Change           PV off/PV on/%Change
   ------  --------------------   ---------------------
     1       135/  179/+33%          137/  169/+23%
     2      1045/ 1103/ +6%         1120/ 1536/+37%
     3      1827/ 2683/+47%         2313/ 2425/ +5%
     4       2689/ 4191/+56%        2914/ 3128/ +7%
     5       3736/ 5830/+56%        3715/ 3762/ +1%
     6       4942/ 7609/+54%        4504/ 4558/ +2%
     7       6304/ 9570/+52%        5292/ 5351/ +1%
     8       7736/11323/+46%        6037/ 6097/ +1%
Do you have measurements from tests when VCPUs are overcommitted?

I don't have a measurement with overcommitted guests yet. I will set up such an environment and do some tests on it.

+ * queue_spin_unlock_slowpath - kick up the CPU of the queue head
+ * @lock : Pointer to queue spinlock structure
+ *
+ * The lock is released after finding the queue head to avoid racing
+ * condition between the queue head and the lock holder.
+ */
+void queue_spin_unlock_slowpath(struct qspinlock *lock)
+       struct qnode *node, *prev;
+       u32 qcode = (u32)queue_get_qcode(lock);
+       /*
+        * Get the queue tail node
+        */
+       node = xlate_qcode(qcode);
+       /*
+        * Locate the queue head node by following the prev pointer from
+        * tail to head.
+        * It is assumed that the PV guests won't have that many CPUs so
+        * that it won't take a long time to follow the pointers.
This isn't a valid assumption, but this isn't that different from the
search done in the ticket slow unlock path so I guess it's ok.


I will change that to say that in most cases, the queue length will be short.


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