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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 16/19] libxl: suspend: Abolish usleeps in domain suspend wait

Ian Campbell writes ("Re: [PATCH 16/19] libxl: suspend: Abolish usleeps in 
domain suspend wait"):
> On Thu, 2014-03-13 at 18:29 +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > I guess we could special-case paths starting with "@", the way
> > xenstore does, and always return ENOENT.
> I wonder what xs_read on @releaseDomain actually does -- I'd not be
> surprised if it was ENOENT. I wonder even more what xs_write on
> @releaseDomain would do, hopefully "bugger off" but you never know.

Reading xenstored_core.c suggests both read and write give EINVAL.  So
making xswait work for it would indeed involve special-casing @ in

> >   I'm not sure whether this
> > wrinkle (which would end up in the docs for the general facility) is
> > worth the saving in the one call site where it would be relevant.
> I'm not sure either, I'll leave it to your best judgement. If you want
> to stick with this variant then:
> Acked-by: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxx>

I think it's probably best but I don't know if that's just inertia...


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