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Re: [Xen-devel] ARM: EXYNOS 5410 - DOM0 not being scheduled

On Sat, 2014-03-15 at 07:44 -0700, Suriyan Ramasami wrote:
>   I have been trying to get DOM0 to run on XEN on teh odroid-xu
> (Exynos 5410).


> chosen {
>     xen,xen-bootargs = "dom0_mem=512M console=dtuart
> dtuart=/serial@12C20000 earlyprintk=xen";
>     #size-cells = <0x1>;
>     #address-cells = <0x1>;
>     bootargs = "dom0_mem=512M console=dtuart dtuart=/serial@12C20000
> earlyprintk=xen";
>     module@0 {
>         bootargs = "console=hvc0,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw
> rootwait earlyprintk=xen console=ttySAC2,115200n8 mem=512M
> initcall_debug debug loglevel=10 psci=enable clk_ignore_unused";

The console=hvc0 doesn't take the ",115200n8" bit -- although I don't
know if it will cause issues.

Also you have a console=ttySAC2 in there -- I guess that is a second
serial port? Have you looked on that since your logs end at about the
point I'd expect dom0 to log something. Or you could just remove this
console= and leave hvc0 then dom0 should log to the Xen console which
will come out the Xen serial console.

I don't think earlyprintk=xen will do anything for a 32-bit ARM kernel,
although I don't think it should be harmful.

Do you have any DEBUG_LL related config options enabled in your dom0

Lastly if you press Ctrl-A three times then you get access to the Xen
debug key handlers (a bit like Linux's sysrq stuff), press 'h' for a
list of the available keys. 'd' or 'q' will dump the current register
state -- so you might be able to see where the dom0 vcpus think they are
and using System.map figure out if they are idling or they have crashed
etc (e.g. a PC == 0x0000000c or another small address corresponding to
an exception vector usually indicates an early crash).

Hope that helps.


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