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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/17] xen: arm: resync low level asm primitive from Linux

(Jan/Keir -- only the first patch is of interest to you)

The following resyncs the bitops, atomics, cmpxchg and various optimised
library functions (str*, mem*, clear_page) from Linux. It also adds
various additional optimised variants, especially for arm64 which was
lacking them in Linux when we started.

One area which I have skipped is spinlocks, the generic infrastructure
is pretty different between Xen and Linux so this would need more
thought (it would have included a switch to ticket locks on arm64 for

I've combined multiple Linux changes into a single Xen change where I
thought it made sense, i.e. for smaller changes even if they are
independent, but for large and complicated changes I've kept things

As part of this I've also reinstated Linux coding style (in particular
the use of hard tabs) to make life easier when comparing things. This
was always the intention but it seems one or two files got accidentally
reindented at some point.

This booted a guest on both Midway and Xgene. I haven't done any actual
perf measurement, having assumed that whoever wrote this for Linux found
them to be worthwhile enough...


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