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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] ARM VM System Sepcification

Il 22/03/2014 03:29, Christoffer Dall ha scritto:
1. Simply mandate that VM implementations support persistent variables
   for their UEFI implementation - with whatever constraints that may
   put on higher level tools.

2. Require that OSes shipped as part of compliant VM images make no
   assumption that changes to the UEFI environment will be stored.

I feel that option number two will break in all sorts of cases, just
like Grant stated above, and it is fundamentally not practical; if a
distribution ships Linux with a UEFI stub that expects to be able to do
something, distributions must modify Linux to conform to this spec.  I
think imagining that this spec controls how UEFI support in Linux/Grub
is done in general would be overreaching.  Additionally, Michael brought
up the fact that it would be non-UEFI compliant.

OSes are already able to cope with loss of changes to UEFI environment are stored, because losing persistent variables is what happens if you copy an image to a new hard disk.

Asking implementations for support of persistent variables is a good idea; however, independent of what is in the spec, OSes should not expect that users will enable that support---most of them won't.


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