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[Xen-devel] vtpm new features, vTPM for PV virtual machine on TPM2.0 / vTPM for HVM virtual machine on TPM 1.2.

    Now I have enabled the below 2 features on TPM 2.0 / TPM 1.2 hardware. 
These 2 features are compatible with community vtpm architecture. 
1. vTPM for PV virtual machine on TPM2.0.
2. vTPM for HVM virtual machine on TPM 1.2.

Feature 1, vtpm for PV virtual machine on TPM 2.0. TPM 2.0 is not backward 
compatible with TPM 1.2, I should modify vtpmmgr to communicate directly with 
TPM 2.0 hardware. it will attempt to take ownership with the supplied 
owner_auth and then create a TPM storage key which will be used to secure vTPM 
key data.

Feature 2, vTPM for HVM virtual machine on TPM 1.2. Qemu provides Qemu TPM 1.2 
tis emulation, and seabios enables it.  
*Qemu tpm1.2 Tis: 
Implementation of the tpm1.2 Tis interface for HVM virtual
        machines. It is Qemu emulation device.
* XenStubdoms backend:
Qemu vTPM driver. This driver provides vtpm initialization
        and sending data and commends to a para-virtualized vtpm
* XenDevOps: 
the Xen backend driver, transfer any request from Xenstubdoms backend
        to vtpm-stubdom. XenStubdoms backend driver connects to this backend
        driver to facilitate communications between vtpm stubdom and 

Quan Xu

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