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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 12/17] xenctx: change is_kernel_text() into kernel_addr().

>>> On 24.03.14 at 23:23, <dslutz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Also turn out that:
> ffffffffff600000 T vgettimeofday
> ffffffffff60000f t vsysc2
> ffffffffff600180 D __xtime_lock
> ffffffffff600190 D __vxtime
> ffffffffff6001c0 D __vgetcpu_mode
> ffffffffff6001d0 D __wall_jiffies
> ffffffffff6001e0 D __sys_tz
> ffffffffff6001f0 D __sysctl_vsyscall
> ffffffffff600200 D __xtime
> ffffffffff600280 D __jiffies
> ffffffffff600400 T vtime
> ffffffffff60040e t vsysc1
> ffffffffff600800 T vgetcpu
> ffffffffff600c00 T venosys_1
> will not be matched.  Not sure what is the right thing to do here.

These aren't really kernel addresses, i.e. you wouldn't want them
recognized as such in kernel stack dumps.


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