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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH resend 0/3] QEMU/Xen: disentangle PV and HVM in QEMU

Il 25/03/2014 16:59, Wei Liu ha scritto:
This small series disentangles Xen-specific files in QEMU. PV and HVM guests
related files are moved to corresponding locations. Build system is updated to
reflect those changes.

This series was sent back in Jan but fell through the crack. It is now rebased
on current QEMU master and tested with usual Xen building runes. Everything
works as before.


Wei Liu (3):
  xen: move Xen PV machine files to hw/xenpv
  xen: move Xen HVM files under hw/i386/xen
  xen: factor out common functions

Please regenerate with the "-M" option or add the following to .gitconfig:

        renames = true


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