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[Xen-devel] swiotlb-xen question

Hi to all.

Currently I'm using hypervisor on ARM Cortex A15 processor (DRA7xx
Jacinto 6 processor). I'm using mainline xen 4.4 with some patches on
top plus dom0 and domU linux kernel 3.8.

I've written a hack to make a camera working on my board in dom0
(drivers for camera and display system are in dom0). An user-space
application in dom0 is used to test camera (it reads camera captured
data and sends it to the framebuffer). In the kernel code I've implemented
.mmap callback function in the swiotlb-xen.c file (like xen_swiotlb_mmap())
and copied to this new callback all content from the original function
'arm_dma_mmap()' from the kernel. This function creates userspace
mapping for the DMA-coherent memory. With this hack camera is working
(I can see captured video on display).

For now I have little understanding how swiotlb-xen is working. Currently in the
mainline linux kernel this callback is not implemented.

Here is my question.
Does anyone know are there any plans to implement
this callback for swiotlb-xen (in linux kernel) in the right way?

Oleksandr Dmytryshyn | Product Engineering and Development
P x3657  M +38.067.382.2525


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