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[Xen-devel] libxl fixes/improvements for libvirt

Here several changes which improve the handling of Xen for me:

* 0001-libxl-Use-id-from-virDomainObj-inside-the-driver.patch
  This is a re-send as I initially submitted that as a reply to some
  discussion. Starting from the visibly broken libxlDomainGetInfo when
  creating or rebooting a guest with virt-manager, I replaced all usage
  of dom->id with the more stable vm->def->id.
* 0002-libxl-Set-disk-format-for-empty-cdrom-device.patch
  Fixes start of a guest after ejecting the iso image from a virtual
  CDROM drive (again using virt-manager).
* 0003-libxl-Implement-basic-video-device-selection.patch
  Should fix the occasional disagreement about the used VNC port and
  adds the ability to select the standard VGA graphics from Xen.
  VRAM size seemed to work with that. Only for Cirrus, while the qemu
  command-line looks good, ones seems to end up with 32M.

Note to people on the Xen list: I wonder whether libxenlight internally
should somehow should fix up the situation where a caller sets up the
video devices in the vfbs list but does not sync that with the information
in the build info. Question probably is what the semantics should be.


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