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Re: [Xen-devel] [BUG] invocation of xl create with insufficient memory for new domU causes system reboot

On Tue, 2014-04-01 at 13:35 +0400, Georgy V. Repin wrote:
> Hello!
> 1. Problem: invocation of xl create when there is not enough memory to 
> create new domU causes oom to select process to kiill; when oom selects 
> to kill quemu-system-* process, this causes kernel panic (it's my 
> suppose, because i see no message "kernel panic" in log, but i do see 
> "CPU: 0 PID: 7899 Comm: qemu-system-i38 Not tainted 3.10.17-gentoo #1" + 
> failed call trace), and, therefore (assuming default settings) kernel 
> reboot (see log at "4.")
> Couple of remarks:
> - fix checking of available memory for new domU in xl toolstack could 
> serve as workaround
> - real cause is not clear to me, maybe it's not even a xen bug (quemu ? 
> kernel ?)

Are you using dom0_mem= together with auto ballooning enabled in the

I think it was Xen 4.4 which gained the ability to detect dom0_mem= and
disable ballooning automatically in that case, but I might be


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