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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM crash system on AMD APU A8-6600K

On 10/04/14 14:56, Vitaliy Tomin wrote:
>> * Debug versions of Xen appear to function correctly.
>> * Non-debug versions of Xen result in a system reset.
> This is correct.
>> when trying to perform PCIPassthrough of the embedded graphics card to an 
>> HVM domain:
> This is not. System crashes even with blank hvm domain without any
> passtrough. All latest test made with this 3-line config:
>  name = 'blank'
>  builder = 'hvm'
>  memory = 1024
> When I run it under debug=y system works perfectly, when I run it with
> debug=n build it crashes my system in 1-5 minutes. I've tested this
> with xen 4.3 stable and 4.4, both with same result.

Thanks.  A few further questions:

Is a non-debug Xen system stable if you don't create any HVM domains?

Have you tried with any PV domains?  If so, can you comment on the


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