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[Xen-devel] [V9 PATCH 0/8] pvh dom0 patches....


Please find V9 of pvh dom0 patches. Based on commit: ac0f56a with p2m
patches (rename and do errno propogation) underneath.

 git tree: git://oss.oracle.com/git/mrathor/xen.git  branch: dom0pvh-v9

Following changes from V8:

 patch 2: 
    - pvh_add_mem_mapping : set_mmio_p2m_entry now returns rc
    - add descriptive commit log comments
    - rename hap_set_pvh_alloc_for_dom0 to hap_set_alloc_for_pvh_dom0 and
      move hap alloc calculation to domain_build.c
    - redo comment: "pvh: we temporarily"
    - add comment on top of pvh_fixup_page_tables_for_hap

 patch 3: 
    - trivial merge conflict resolution

 patch 4: 
    - new patch to add some checks in relevant p2m paths for foreign types

 patch 5 (previously patch 4): 
    - move xsm_map_gmfn_foreign near the non-arch declarations and definitions

 patch 6 (previously patch 5): 
    - set_foreign_p2m_entry now returns proper -errno rc in p2m_add_foreign
    - change get_pg_owner to allow foreign mappings for pvh
    - get_pg_owner made public and called from p2m_add_foreign. 
    - created p2m_is_any_ram

 patch 7:
    - redo the small patch because vioapic variable name actually should
      be used for the vioapic ptr.


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