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Re: [Xen-devel] kexec and kdump on Xen??

On 17/04/14 02:19, Zhang, Yang Z wrote:
> After investigation, I found some bugs (One is the segment overlap
> check failure and another one is related to x2apic). With some
> workarounds, now I am able to kexec from Xen into Linux. But it still
> fails to run kdump(Xen->linux). I add some debug messages in the key
> code path. It shows kexec_reloc() will cause machine reboot. Is it a
> known issue?

Rebooting after the kexec_reloc() call could be triggered from Xen,
purgatory or the kernel.

Can you turn on purgatory debug output (--console-serial
--serial-baud=115200 options to kexec for serial) and earlyprintk in the

You may also want to specify a crashregion location.  e.g., we use the
Xen option "crashkernel=128M@32M".


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