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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC V2 10/10] xl: introduce "xl-json" format

On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 12:13:11PM +0100, Wei Liu wrote:
> Originally xl verbatimly copies the domain config file in its user data
> store. This patch adds the functionality to transform text domain config
> file to JSON object and save that object in user data store.
> What this patch does:
> 1. add a mandatory flag to save protocol to indicate whether the saved
>    config is a JSON object
> 2. register a new private data type "xl-json" in libxl.h
> 3. modify xl to save / load "xl-json" file where necessary
> After this change xl supports both "xl" format and "xl-json" format.
> The user-supplied config file is still restricted to normal text config
> file format ("xl"), as xl has more sanity checks when parsing text
> config file. "xl-json" format is only used internally. The saved config
> file is always in "xl-json" format.
> Tests done so far (xl.{new,old} denotes xl with{,out} "xl_json"
> support):
> 1. xl.new create then hexdump saved file: domain config saved in JSON format
> 2. xl.new create then xl.old restore: failed on mandatory flag check
> 3. xl.new create then xl.new restore: succeeded
> 4. xl.old create then xl.new restore: succeeded
> 5. xl.new create then local migrate, receiving end xl.new: succeeded
> 6. xl.old create then local migrate, receiving end xl.new: succeeded
> The only drawback is that when restoring a domain, xl cannot
> automatically spawn a vncviewer anymore. That's because that option is
> part of domain_create info not a domain configuration thus it's not
> saved in the JSON config.

On a second thought I might as well create abstraction of a config file
in IDL. This might be more flexible in the long run. Then the burden
will be whenever an option that doesn't belong to domain_config is
added, IDL will also need to be taken care of.


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