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[Xen-devel] Xen domU module debugging using GDBSX


I've tried to use the GDBSX for debugging a domU module, but there is a problem loading module symbols.

I'm using
xen : 4.2
dom0 : fedora core 14 (linux kernel
domU : ubuntu 10.04 (linux kernel

This is what I've done
1. I created a PV domU.
2. On dom0 command line, I wrote "gdbsx -a 1 64 9999"
3. Using gdb, I connected to the gdbsx from dom0
dom0 > gdb vmlinux
gdb > target remote localhost:9999

4. In the domU, insmod mymodule.ko

5. On dom0 gdb, I added mymodule.ko using add-symbol-file command with text, bss, data, rodata address found in the directory /sys/module/mymodule/sections

After these steps, I could break 'some' functions like cleanup_module(). And I think it works well. But some functions are not working and most of all, i can't see the codes. How can I add remote directories dynamically using GDBSX?Â
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