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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] allow xm2xl migration for xen-4.3

On Tue, 2014-04-29 at 20:57 +0400, v.tolstov@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> From: Vasiliy Tolstov <v.tolstov@xxxxxxxxx>

Thanks. Which tree does this apply to and how would I go about using it?

I think it applies to xen 4.3 and is supposed to allow a guest started
by xm to be migrated with xl, to create an xl compatible vm, is that
correct? If not can you give the method for using it please.

> Fixed some python stuff for path detection

This is all the s/pathTo/path_(bin|boot)/ stuff? I'm not sure where e.g.
path_bin comes from, even Xen 4.4 seems to still use pathTo AFAICT and I
can't find any of this path_bin stuff in the tree.

> Provide right qemu args (videoram size not passed not, but default
> works fine - only forward version migration possible)

Can you expand on this, what does "right qemu args" mean? Since qemu is
restarted from scratch by the toolstack I'm not sure why this would
matter. I think this might become clearer once you explain how one is
supposed to make use of this.


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