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[Xen-devel] Discussion on libxl domain configuration synchronization

Ian and Ian

There are many open questions regarding the design and implementation of this
new feature so I think it's worthwhile having a dedicated email thread to
discuss this before I write any new code.

The new mechanism will use the new JSON infrastructure so that application can
easily consume domain configuration.

### Exposed API

From API design point of view, what API should we expose to applications? We
seem to have agreed that a "retrieve" API is certainly necessary (let's name it
libxl_retrieve_domain_configuration for ease of discussion), while a "store" /
"save" is debatable.

If we set the rule that libxl application is not allowed to manipulate domain
configuration then "store" is not necessary.

### Implementation

Further more, how should we implement the new API?

My original thought is that the JSON version of domain configuration always
contains the up to date domain configuration, so that we can get hold of that
information even without the help of our library.

Ian J pointed out that this design is bogus. If I understand correctly,
he was referring to the fact that the most up to date information is
actually stored in xenstore. So his suggestion was that we make
libxl_retrieve_domain_configuration a) use JSON version as template, b)
pull in xenstore knob values to fill in the things that need to be
updated. I think this approach is appealing, if we agree on the design
"libxl-json" is completely private to libxl, that application should not
poke at it at all. I am now keen on taking this approach.

What knobs should libxl_retrieve_domain_configuration be looking at, domain
name, memory targets and devices etc. Memory targets are easy as they are only
some integer values.

As for devices, see next session.

### Device hotplug / unplug and half-baked state

When we build a domain, the devices presented in config file (later transform
into JSON) and the devices presented in xenstore (backend entries) are
consistent, otherwise we would have failed when building a domain.

Device hotplug and unplug are a bit trickier to handle.

Hotplug steps:
1. libxl__get_domain_configuration (this reads libxl-json file and parse
   it into libxl_domain_config struct).
2. add new device to JSON config
3. hotplug device
4. if hotplug success, libx__set_domain_configuration

If 3 fails, we may end up in a situation that some xenstore entries have been
written, but that device is not presented in JSON version of configuration. 4
can also fail when libxl tries to write libxl-json file. The steps and analyse
for device unplug are similar.

Later when we do libxl_retrieve_domain_configuration, the xenstore entries and
JSON config don't agree with each other. What should we do here? We cannot say
one view is more acurate then the other, given the fact that either 3 or 4 can
fail. Ian J suggested merging the two views, I agree with him.

### Summary

1. libxl_retrieve_domain_configuration is the only public API.
2. libxl_retrieve_domain_configuration should retrieve JSON version of
   domain configuration as template and update it according to xenstore
3. libxl_retrieve_domain_configuration should be able to merge xenstore
   view and JSON config view of a domain.
4. JSON version gets saved when creating a domain.
5. JSON version gets updated when we do device hotplug / unplug. Other
   libxl functionalities will not touch it, unless they need to save
   some user provided values as template.



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