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Re: [Xen-devel] (Reluctant) request to revert several changes, due to regressing VM migration

>>> On 04.06.14 at 17:45, <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Changeset 31ee951a3 "x86/HVM: correct the SMEP logic for
> HVM_CR0_GUEST_RESERVED_BITS" breaks migration for VMs using SMEP.
> For migration, the architectural state is restored before the cpuid
> policy is written.  This appears to be the behaviour in libxl, and is
> certainly the behaviour in Xapi.
> As a result, a VM using SMEP will fail the CR4 check in
> hvm_load_cpu_ctxt().  This is easy to observe by performing a localhost
> migration of a modern HVM Linux VM which enables SMEP.
> Changeset 58658992 performs an equivalent action for SMAP, and as such
> will be equivalently broken on supporting hardware.
> Specifically, c/s f952f9c7f0e which is the backport of 31ee951a3 into
> staging-4.4 is the problematic change which is causing regressions in
> XenServer testing.
> This is a reluctant request as pragmatically the changeset is correct.

So as already hinted at on irc - what's wrong with using
cpu_has_smep as long as the guest's d->arch.cpuid[] is blank?
If the incoming guest didn't see SMEP available, all its CR4.SMEP
would necessarily be clear (or if they weren't, this would sooner
or later result in a guest crash).

But then again - isn't there another problem here: hvm_cpuid()
assumes to be on the subject vCPU, which hardly can be the
case for the hvm_load_cpu_ctxt() code path using the macro
in question. So perhaps it even needs to be further relaxed in
using cpu_has_smep when not on current != v. Which of course
would require care by eventual future users of this macro.


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