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Re: [Xen-devel] [Vote for approval by XAPI and Hypervisor maintainers] Windows PV Drivers Incubation Project Proposal (closing June 17th)


Some minor edit might of the page would be useful:
1. In the 'background' paragraph, in the sentence beginning 'I gave a talk', the 'I' is unclear. Paul?
2. The link to pci-device-reservations.txt is broken
3. I can't quite figure out the last line under 'Build and Test' - should it be 2 bullet points?

Also, could I get write access to the wiki? :-)


On 10/06/14 13:03, Lars Kurth wrote:
Hi all,

in accordance with http://xenproject.org/governance.html it is time to vote on http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Windows_PV_Drivers_Incubation_Project_Proposal

All maintainers of mature Xen Project sub-projects can vote, which includes the Hypervisor and XAPI project. The list of eligable people are
If in favour, reply "+1" to this thread
If you do not care, reply "0"
If you object, reply "-1" with a comment justifying the objection

Best Regards

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