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[Xen-devel] netback oops in Linux 3.14 / 3.15


Under Linux 3.14.6 and 3.15 I am getting a BUG_ON() from netback in 
xenvif_rx_action().  Under 3.15 it is the line at 
629 which is triggering:

BUG_ON(ring_slots_used > max_slots_needed);

The conditions are a 3.15.0 dom0 with Xen 4.4.0, a guest domain running the 
same 3.15.0 kernel, an rsync in the guest 
where the source filesystem is NFS mounted from the dom0.

I have added a printk to log the values which is seen as the first line in the 
attached trace.  Is there an off-by-one 
error in the calculation for max_slots_needed or is it worth adding some more 
printks to find out how the value was 

Please let me know if any other information about my configuration is required.


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