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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 0/14] Migration Stream v2


Presented here for review is v5 of the Migration Stream v2 work.

Major work in v5 is the legacy conversion python script which is capable of
converting from legacy to v2 format on the fly.  It was tested using live
migration saving in the legacy format, piping through the script and restoring
using the v2 code.

Other work includes a substantial refactoring of the code structure, allowing
for a single generic save() and restore() functions, with function pointer
hooks for each type of guest to implement.  The spec has been updated to
include PV MSRs in the migration stream.

This series depends on several prerequisite fixes which have recently been
committed into staging (and have not passed the push gate at the time of
writing).  The series also depends on the VM Generation ID series from David.

I now consider the core of the v2 code stable.  I do not expect it to change
much too much, other than the identified TODOs (and code review of course).

The next area of work is the libxl integration, which will seek to undo the
current layering violations.  It will involve introducing a new libxl framing
format (which will happen to look curiously similar to the libxc framing
format), as well as providing legacy compatibility using the legacy conversion
scripts so migrations from older libxl/libxc toolstacks will continue to work.

The code is presented here for comment/query/critism.


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