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[Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC OSSTEST 0/9] implement for virsh

The following series switches osstest to implement the toolstack via
get_host_method_object()->method rather than toolstack()->{Command}."
method" etc.

This is needed because virsh differs from xm/xl in a few commands.

It also implements partial virsh support (simple lifecycle stuff, but
not e.g. migration yet).

The intention is to eventually remove ->{Command} from view but I'm
sending this out now as an RFC before I complete this to get some
feedback on the approach. So a) ->{Command} is still there and used and b)
some of the libvirt.pm methods are just "die".

In particular I suspect there is a more Perl-ish way to implement the
fallback from xend to share the xl code, Ian?


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