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Re: [Xen-devel] Bug: /proc/xen Doesn't Mount

On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 04:59:05PM -0700, merc1984@xxxxxx wrote:
>    On Tue, Jun 17, 2014, at 13:25, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
>      On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 10:34:09AM -0700, [1]merc1984@xxxxxx wrote:
>          For example, the VGA problem I can only infer, as always;  After a
>        week of
>          struggle, I heard that qemu-xen-traditional was "removed from Debian
>        a
>          long time ago".  Yet VGA forwarding doesn't work with qemu-xen, as I
>        knew
>          it hadn't supported VGA forwarding in the past.  I'm guessing and
>        hoping
>          that Xen-4.4.0 qemu-xen from source -will- support VGA forwarding
>        but I
>          have no proof of that since I've never had my questions answered.
>        So I
>          embarked on this switch from Debian packages (4.3) to compiling
>        source
>          (4.4) and hope that this will give VGA forwarding.
>      Note that removal of xen qemu-traditional from Debian is purely Debian's
>      decision.
>    No doubt.  But very few -know- that traditional does not ship with
>    Debian.  Hell, very few know that traditional was needed for VGA
>    passthrough.  And the irc channel has little but questions.

I can understand you're frustrated. Hopefully you can contribute to the 
wiki/docs when you get this working? 

IRC channel does have action, but now always, obviously. And it depends on your 
timezone aswell..

>      Other distros ship qemu-traditional.
>    Are you saying that qemu-xen 4.4 does not have VGA passthru support?
>    Meaning that I should use qemu-xen-traditional?

qemu-upstream does not (yet) have support for VGA/GPU passthru, 
so qemu-upstream in Xen 4.4 does not have VGA/GPU passthru support.

(Except you can passthru for example some AMD GPUs as secondary GPUs without 
the need for special VGA passthru support).

VGA/GPU passthru for upstream qemu is currently being developed/upstreamed by 
Intel developers,
you can see/find the patches on xen-devel archives. It has been discussed 
recently (last week or so).

>    I've just discovered that xen-tools does not ship with the 4.4 source
>    package.  I'm missing xen-create-image and friends.  This isn't menioned
>    anywhere.  Maybe this is because they're not promulgated by the Xen
>    project?  Wonder what else I'm missing.  My two front teef?

xen-tools is a thirdparty package. It has never been part of Xen hypervisor.

>    Sure these are User questions.  But they'll be asked over and over in
>    -users until someone has time to work on docs.  I ask here for the good of
>    Xen.  Otherwise you'll never know where the problems are.

Yep. Please help improving the docs!

-- Pasi

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