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Re: [Xen-devel] Bug: USB Bridge Will Not PassThru

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014, at 7:10, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 06:45:35AM -0700, merc1984@xxxxxx wrote:
  On Tue, Jun 17, 2014, at 23:48, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
    On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 11:00:31PM -0700, [1]merc1984@xxxxxx wrote:
      I have a device which is a programmable bridge by Cirrus
      It converts parallel TTL to USB2.  I've built udev rules to upload its
      firmware when detected (by VID/PID), and to set the permissions and a
      systemd alias of its new identity after the firmware is loaded.
    Are you using qemu-traditional or qemu-upstream for this HVM guest?
    Note that qemu-traditional only supports USB 1.1 emulated passthru,
    while qemu-upstream also supports USB2 and USB3.
  Using qemu-xen-traditional, as I must have VGA passthrough.  This USB
  bridge is a USB2 device and must work at those speeds.  Is this going to
  be possible?
  More info in my next email.
USB2 is not possible with qemu-traditional.
You've have to use PVUSB, which has USB2 support, if you have the
So a USB2 hardware device is still emulated in the domU, even when passed-thru?  It's not passing through the hardware? (like it seems it should)
But even the mouse and keyboard are not passing-thru.
# lsusb
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 04b4:8613 Cypress Semiconductor Corp. CY7C68013 EZ-USB FX2 USB 2.0 Development Kit
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0bda:0151 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Mass Storage Device (Multicard Reader)
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 046d:c030 Logitech, Inc. iFeel Mouse
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 04d9:1702 Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
name = "cygnus"
        builder = 'hvm'
        bootloader = 'pygrub'
# Enable PVHVM
# Start the guest with MBYTES megabytes of RAM.
        memory = 2048
# Keep time in domU, from dom0
#  Disk device(s). Using LVM
        root = '/dev/xvda1 ro'
        disk = [
#               'phy:/dev/sr0,sdg:cdrom,w',
#               'file:/home/carl/debian-jessie.iso,sdc:cdrom,r'
        # hard disk (c), cd-rom (d) or network/PXE (n).
# Peripherals
        pci =   [
        vif =   ['mac=00:16:5e:02:a3:53,bridge=hydrabr,model=e1000']
#       usbversion = "2"
#       keyboard (Holtek), mouse (Logitech), R5000, Canon scanner,  multicard reader
        usbdevice = [
#               'tablet',
#               'host:0547:1002',
#               'host:04b4:8613',
#               'host:04a9:1716',
        vfb         = [ 'type=vnc,vncpasswd=********,keymap=en-us' ]
        vncdisplay = "10"
        vga         = 'stdvga'
# The display should not be presented via an X window (using Simple DirectMedia Layer).
#       serial='pty'
#  Behaviour
        />         on_reboot   = 'restart'
        on_crash    = 'restart'
# xl dmesg
 Xen 4.4.0
(XEN) Xen version 4.4.0 (root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) (gcc (Debian 4.9.0-6) 4.9.0) debug=n Tue Jun 17 07:57:19 PDT 2014
(XEN) Latest ChangeSet:
(XEN) Bootloader: GRUB 2.00-22
(XEN) Command line: placeholder dom0_mem=1G,max:1G
(XEN) Video information:
(XEN)  VGA is text mode 80x25, font 8x16
(XEN)  VBE/DDC methods: V2; EDID transfer time: 1 seconds
(XEN) Disc information:
(XEN)  Found 1 MBR signatures
(XEN)  Found 6 EDD information structures
(XEN) Xen-e820 RAM map:
(XEN)  0000000000000000 - 000000000009d400 (usable)
(XEN)  000000000009d400 - 00000000000a0000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000000e0000 - 0000000000100000 (reserved)
(XEN)  0000000000100000 - 00000000c1969000 (usable)
(XEN)  00000000c1969000 - 00000000c1970000 (ACPI NVS)
(XEN)  00000000c1970000 - 00000000c1dbb000 (usable)
(XEN)  00000000c1dbb000 - 00000000c2213000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000c2213000 - 00000000d865c000 (usable)
(XEN)  00000000d865c000 - 00000000d8865000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000d8865000 - 00000000d887c000 (ACPI data)
(XEN)  00000000d887c000 - 00000000d8dbe000 (ACPI NVS)
(XEN)  00000000d8dbe000 - 00000000d9fff000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000d9fff000 - 00000000da000000 (usable)
(XEN)  00000000dc000000 - 00000000de200000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000f8000000 - 00000000fc000000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000fec00000 - 00000000fec01000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000fed00000 - 00000000fed04000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000fed1c000 - 00000000fed20000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000fee00000 - 00000000fee01000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000ff000000 - 0000000100000000 (reserved)
(XEN)  0000000100000000 - 000000021fe00000 (usable)
(XEN) ACPI: RSDP 000F0490, 0024 (r2 ALASKA)
(XEN) ACPI: XSDT D8869088, 008C (r1 ALASKA    A M I  1072009 AMI     10013)
(XEN) ACPI: FACP D8877060, 010C (r5 ALASKA    A M I  1072009 AMI     10013)
(XEN) ACPI: DSDT D88691B0, DEAE (r2 ALASKA    A M I       31 INTL 20091112)
(XEN) ACPI: FACS D8DBC080, 0040
(XEN) ACPI: APIC D8877170, 0092 (r3 ALASKA    A M I  1072009 AMI     10013)
(XEN) ACPI: FPDT D8877208, 0044 (r1 ALASKA    A M I  1072009 AMI     10013)
(XEN) ACPI: LPIT D8877250, 005C (r1 ALASKA    A M I        0 AMI.        5)
(XEN) ACPI: SSDT D88772B0, 0539 (r1  PmRef  Cpu0Ist     3000 INTL 20091112)
(XEN) ACPI: SSDT D88777F0, 0AD8 (r1  PmRef    CpuPm     3000 INTL 20091112)
(XEN) ACPI: MCFG D88782C8, 003C (r1 ALASKA    A M I  1072009 MSFT       97)
(XEN) ACPI: HPET D8878308, 0038 (r1 ALASKA    A M I  1072009 AMI.        5)
(XEN) ACPI: SSDT D8878340, 036D (r1 SataRe SataTabl     1000 INTL 20091112)
(XEN) ACPI: SSDT D88786B0, 34E1 (r1 SaSsdt  SaSsdt      3000 INTL 20091112)
(XEN) ACPI: BGRT D887BD50, 0038 (r0 ALASKA    A M I  1072009 AMI     10013)
(XEN) ACPI: ASF! D887BBF0, 00A5 (r32 INTEL       HCG        1 TFSM    F4240)
(XEN) ACPI: DMAR D887BC98, 00B8 (r1 INTEL      HSW         1 INTL        1)
(XEN) System RAM: 8063MB (8257132kB)
(XEN) Domain heap initialised
(XEN) ACPI: 32/64X FACS address mismatch in FADT - d8dbc080/0000000000000000, using 32
(XEN) Processor #0 7:12 APIC version 21
(XEN) Processor #2 7:12 APIC version 21
(XEN) Processor #4 7:12 APIC version 21
(XEN) Processor #6 7:12 APIC version 21
(XEN) Processor #1 7:12 APIC version 21
(XEN) Processor #3 7:12 APIC version 21
(XEN) Processor #5 7:12 APIC version 21
(XEN) Processor #7 7:12 APIC version 21
(XEN) IOAPIC[0]: apic_id 8, version 32, address 0xfec00000, GSI 0-23
(XEN) Enabling APIC mode:  Flat.  Using 1 I/O APICs
(XEN) Switched to APIC driver x2apic_cluster.
(XEN) Using scheduler: SMP Credit Scheduler (credit)
(XEN) Detected 2500.037 MHz processor.
(XEN) Initing memory sharing.
(XEN) xstate_init: using cntxt_size: 0x340 and states: 0x7
(XEN) Intel VT-d iommu 0 supported page sizes: 4kB.
(XEN) Intel VT-d iommu 1 supported page sizes: 4kB.
(XEN) Intel VT-d Snoop Control not enabled.
(XEN) Intel VT-d Dom0 DMA Passthrough not enabled.
(XEN) Intel VT-d Queued Invalidation enabled.
(XEN) Intel VT-d Interrupt Remapping enabled.
(XEN) Intel VT-d Shared EPT tables not enabled.
(XEN) I/O virtualisation enabled
(XEN)  - Dom0 mode: Relaxed
(XEN) Interrupt remapping enabled
(XEN) Enabled directed EOI with ioapic_ack_old on!
(XEN)  -> Using old ACK method
(XEN) Platform timer is 14.318MHz HPET
(XEN) Allocated console ring of 16 KiB.
(XEN) VMX: Supported advanced features:
(XEN)  - APIC MMIO access virtualisation
(XEN)  - APIC TPR shadow
(XEN)  - Extended Page Tables (EPT)
(XEN)  - Virtual-Processor Identifiers (VPID)
(XEN)  - Virtual NMI
(XEN)  - MSR direct-access bitmap
(XEN)  - Unrestricted Guest
(XEN)  - VMCS shadowing
(XEN) HVM: ASIDs enabled.
(XEN) HVM: VMX enabled
(XEN) HVM: Hardware Assisted Paging (HAP) detected
(XEN) HVM: HAP page sizes: 4kB, 2MB, 1GB
(XEN) Brought up 8 CPUs
(XEN)  Xen  kernel: 64-bit, lsb, compat32
(XEN)  Dom0 kernel: 64-bit, PAE, lsb, paddr 0x1000000 -> 0x1ec5000
(XEN)  Dom0 alloc.:   0000000210000000->0000000214000000 (241496 pages to be allocated)
(XEN)  Init. ramdisk: 000000021ed58000->000000021fdff95d
(XEN)  Loaded kernel: ffffffff81000000->ffffffff81ec5000
(XEN)  Init. ramdisk: ffffffff81ec5000->ffffffff82f6c95d
(XEN)  Phys-Mach map: ffffffff82f6d000->ffffffff8316d000
(XEN)  Start info:    ffffffff8316d000->ffffffff8316d4b4
(XEN)  Page tables:   ffffffff8316e000->ffffffff8318b000
(XEN)  Boot stack:    ffffffff8318b000->ffffffff8318c000
(XEN)  TOTAL:         ffffffff80000000->ffffffff83400000
(XEN)  ENTRY ADDRESS: ffffffff818c81f0
(XEN) Dom0 has maximum 8 VCPUs
(XEN) Scrubbing Free RAM: .....................................................................done.
(XEN) Initial low memory virq threshold set at 0x4000 pages.
(XEN) Std. Loglevel: Errors and warnings
(XEN) Guest Loglevel: Nothing (Rate-limited: Errors and warnings)
(XEN) Xen is relinquishing VGA console.
(XEN) *** Serial input -> DOM0 (type 'CTRL-a' three times to switch input to Xen)
(XEN) Freed 264kB init memory.
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