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Re: [Xen-devel] Backport suggestions for Xen 4.4

>>> On 24.06.14 at 12:23, <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Some further backport suggestions, from the XenServer patch queue.


> Xen bugfixes:
> * 415738e "x86/traps: make panic and reboot paths safe during early boot"
> * d4f88fc "make the main trap handlers safe for use early during Xen boot"

Honestly I'd rather stay away from backporting these, no matter that
I'm convinced they're working fine.

> ** including "\n" fix for #MC handler from b30d333

Purely cosmetic - we're about to die anyway when this message
gets printed, so it not being printed on its own line is the smallest
of our problems.

> * 92009d3 "x86/boot: correct CR4 setup on APs"

This might be acceptable, but would need validation that it really
addresses in the stable trees what it does in -unstable without the
other early trap handling changes. The one comment it adds to
start_secondary() suggests that this might not be the case.

> I would also consider 07884c9 "x86/amd: protect set_cpuidmask() against
> #GP faults" a bugfix, but it depends on e74de9c and 7c6c8cc, the former
> of which is far closer to a new feature than a bugfixes. 

Right. Plus - as said elsewhere already - no-one is forced to use the
command line options needed to enable masking in the first place.

> Xen non-bugfix suggestions:
> * d8af81a "x86/nmi: remove spurious local_irq_enable from
> check_nmi_watchdog()"

Purely cosmetic.

> * f64b190 "x86/nmi: be less verbose when testing the NMI watchdog"

Hmm, yes, this might be a candidate, at least for 4.4 (under the
slightly relaxed x.y.1 backporting rules).

> * 11dba84 "x86/traps: do not inline do_trap() into 10 different handlers"

Again purely cosmetic - these all aren't trap handlers we expect to
be executed frequently.

> * 3385bf3 "x86: Intel CPU family update"

Again, maybe a candidate for 4.4.


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