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[Xen-devel] Can't clone static arm64 binary from https://github.com/susematz/qemu/tree/aarch64-1.6

Xen Developers,

Trying to build arm64 on x86_64 following the guidance on the wiki; everything 
ok 'till I have to run qemu static for arm64. It fails because there is no 
arm64 specific binary installed in Ubuntu 13.10, even though the wiki procedure 
says it should work. Not to worry; get the source and build it, I think.

However, I cannot clone the git repo for the source, no matter which system I 
clone from. I even tried it from a Mac and get the same "fatal repo not found" 

The repo is 'https://github.com/susematz/qemu/tree/aarch64-1.6/' and I can see 
it in my browser just fine.

Is there an alternative source for this code?


What is the formal meaning of the one-line program
#include "/dev/tty"

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