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Re: [Xen-devel] [Qemu-devel] [v2][PATCH 4/8] xen, gfx passthrough: reserve 00:02.0 for INTEL IGD


> >>>               /* Make cirrues VGA S3 suspend/resume work in Windows
> >>> XP/2003 */
> >>>               Device (VGA)
> >>>               {
> >>> -               Name (_ADR, 0x00020000)
> >>> +               // Address of the VGA (device F function 0)
> >>> +               Name (_ADR, 0x000F0000)
> >>>
> >
> > With this change I still didn't see anything.
> >
> This does not match with what I see.
> Looks like linux does not care about the acpi data.  Using

The acpi data doesn't matter at all for the boot screen, the vgabios
doesn't look at it.

> (d12) Scan for VGA option rom
> (d12) Running option rom at c000:0003

seabios loaded+initialized the vgabios (from the pci rom bar of the vga
device).  Which slot the vga is installed at should not matter at all.
seabios scans the pci bus and should find the vga with no problems no
matter where it is.

> (XEN) stdvga.c:147:d12v0 entering stdvga and caching modes

Seems to have worked fine ;)

> (d12) pmm call arg1=0
> (d12) Turning on vga text mode console
> (d12) SeaBIOS (version rel-1.7.5-0-ge51488c-20140626_113926-dcs-xen-54)

At this point you should see the seabios banner at the vga screen.

> And the VGA screen has the SeaBIOS messages:
> SeaBIOS (version rel-1.7.5-0-ge51488c-20140626_113926-dcs-xen-54)
> Machine UUID 18cf5fd0-e564-49c4-b63f-e6c3c23b1294

As it should be.

Now the questions is why it doesn't work for Tiejun ...
Anything in the logs?


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