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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/11] Reduce rumpuserxen tests, and loose ends

I haven't transposed Ian C's ack into the actual patches, but here is
a summary:

  a 01/11 adhoc-revtuple-generator: Avoid an undefined variable warning
  a 02/11 adhoc-revtuple-generator: Do not always reclone
  a 03/11 submodulefixup: Tell git cache [fetch=try]
  a 04/11 standalone: Honour OSSTEST_CONFIG
 +  05/11 standalone: Use DAILY_BRANCH_POSTMAKE_HOOK
  a 06/11 standalone-config-example: Provide a setting of Repos
  a 07/11 mg-list-all-branches: New script.
 *  08/11 standalone-generate-dump-flight-runvars: New utility
  a 09/11 make-flight: Break out do_rumpkernel_tests
  a 10/11 make-flight: Test rump kernels only when needed
 +  11/11 executive-postgresql-schema: Schema dump

 +  new in v2
 *  modified apropos of comments

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