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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC 00/19] arm64 EFI stub

>>> On 28.06.14 at 03:25, <roy.franz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 1) Build system changes.  The 'efi-shared.c' file should be properly 
> shared, rather than symbolicly linked.  One complication is that the EFI 
> code (for both archs) needs to be compiled with "-fshort-wchar".  I also 
> likely need to create an efi subdir for arm64.

If it's going to be just a single file (which I don't think it'll be in the
end), it should just be xen/common/efi.c. If there are multiple ones
(and I'd expect most of xen/arch/x86/efi/ to be re-usable), you
should just move all non-x86 code to xen/common/efi/.

> 3) I'm not sure arm64 needs it's own copy of efibind.h.  The x86_64 
> version worked fine as is, but has some Microsoft related defines in 
> there.  The arm64 version I created is a proper subset with the exception 
> of the EFI_STUB_ERROR define.

Yes, I'm certainly of the opinion that each architecture should have
its own binding header, mirroring what (afaik) EFI itself does.


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