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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.5 development update (July update)

Hello konrad,

å 09/03/2014 04:45 AM, konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx åé:
Below is a summary of the projects / features being worked on for the 4.5
time frame.  The tentative feature freeze is scheduled for September 10th,
which is less a week away!

Most of the Xen patches that impacted the hypervisor and had'fair'
(except the HVM introspection one) I moved to the Xen 4.6 list.

They might get Acked by maintainers in the next couple of days which would
be fantastic - and if so I will update the list. But perhaps not. Also
some are in 'good' or in 'ok' condition - but that does not mean they
will automatically go in Xen 4.5.

In terms of QEMU  - I only had three items and since the version of QEMU
from upstream we are using is already established (and stable) I don't see us
backporting any more patches from upstream. But perhaps Stefano has some
other plans...


== lib{xc,xl} and toolstack ==

*  libxl work - JSON to keep track of guest configs (ok)
   -  Wei Liu

*  pvscsi should be targeted for 4.5, a prototype exists (fair)
   -  Olaf Hering

*  Remus in Xen (libxl) (ok)
    url: https://github.com/laijs/xen remus-v19

Url is here now:

   -  Gui Jianfeng
   -  Yang Hongyang
   -  Dong, Eddie

== Linux ==

*  Linux block multiqueue (fair)
   -  Arianna Avanzini

*  Netback grant table manipulations (ok)
   -  Zoltan Kiss

*  VPMU - 'perf' support in Linux (ok)
    Depends on Xen patches
   -  Boris Ostrovsky

*  vNUMA in Linux (ok)
    v6 posted
   -  Elena Ufimtseva

*  vsyscall in Linux (fair)
   -  Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

*  COLO Agent in Linux (fair)
   -  Gui Jianfeng
   -  Yang Hongyang
   -  Dong, Eddie

*  vAPIC in PVHVM guests (Linux side) (none)
   -  Boris Ostrovsky

== FreeBSD ==

*  PVH FreeBSD dom0 (ok)
    FreeBSD 11 goal. Toolstack side done in Xen 4.5
   -  Roger Pau MonnÃ

== Other OSes (MiniOS, QNX) ==

*  PV drivers for automotive kernels (fair)
   -  Artem Mygaiev

*  mini-os: xenbus changes for rump kernels (ok)
    branch: base.dev-xen-xenbus.v1..dev-xen-xenbus.v1
    v2 posted
   -  Ian Jackson

== GRUB2 ==

*  GRUB2 multiboot2 (fair)
   -  Daniel Kiper


*  OSSTest: libvirt (good)
   -  Ian Campbell

== Deferred to QEMU v2.next ==

*  Using qemu-upstream in a stubdomain (fair)
    Will use rump kernels.
   -  Ian Jackson

*  Intel IGD PCI GPU passthrough (ok)
    v5 posted
   -  Chen, Tiejun

*  Xen PV block driver in OVMF (UEFI in guest) (fair)
    RFC posted.
   -  Anthony PERARD

== Deferred to Xen hypervisor 4.6 ==

*  extending mem_access support to PV domain (fair)
    RFC v2
   -  Aravindh Puthiyaparambil (aravindp)

*  Repurpose SEDF Scheduler for Real-time (fair)
    RFC patch posted (v2)
   -  Joshua Whitehead, Robert VanVossen

*  ARM remote processor iommu module (GPUs + IPUs) (fair)
    v3 posted
   -  Andrii Tseglytskyi

*  COarse-grain LOck-stepping Virtual Machines in Xen (fair)
    RFC patch posted
   -  Wen Congyang
   -  Gui Jianfeng
   -  Yang Hongyang
   -  Dong, Eddie

*  extend the xenstore ring with a 'closing' signal (fair)
    RFC patch posted
   -  David Scott

*  libxl migrationv2 patches. (none)
   -  Andrew Cooper & David Vrabel

*  tmem migrationv2 patches. (none)
   -  Bob Liu & Andrew Cooper & David Vrabel

*  Remus using migration-v2 (fair)
    RFC posted - depends on v6 of 'New Migration'
   -  Yang Hongyang

*  Xen multiboot2-EFI support (fair)
    Needed for GrUB2
    Depends on Xen Boot info (rework multiboot and other structs)
    See http://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2013-05/msg02281.html
    RFC posted
   -  Daniel Kiper

*  dirty vram / IOMMU bug (fair)
   -  Zhang, Yang Z

*  snapshot API extension (checkpointing disk) (ok)
    His email bounces.
   -  Bamvor Jian Zhang

*  Rearrange and cleanup installation destination directories (/var -> 
var/lib/xen) (fair)
   -  Daniel Kiper

*  libxl/xl - xm compatibility mode for mem-max and mem-set; (ok)
   -  Daniel Kiper

*  Support controlling the max C-state sub-state (ok)
    v3 posted
   -  Ross Lagerwall

*  1TB slow destruction (ok)
   -  Bob Liu

*  IOMMU ABI for guests to map their DMA regions (fair)
   -  Malcolm Crossley

*  xl list --long (and some related xl commands) have some bugs (none)
   -  Zhigang Wang

*  Xen HPET interrupt fixes (fair)
    behind migration v2
   -  Andrew Cooper

*  Convert tasklet to per-cpu tasklets (fair)
   -  Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

*  ARM VM save/restore/live migration (none)
    Need to rebased against migrationv2 - no code posted.
   -  Junghyun Yoo

*  Default to credit2 (none)
    cpu pinning, numa affinity and cpu reservation
   -  George Dunlap

*  "Short" grant copy (just header) of packets. (none)
   -  Zoltan Kiss

*  cpuid leveling (none)
   -  Andrew Cooper

*  live migration knobs, there is no suitable code yet, just ideas (none)
   -  Olaf Hering

*  Further tmem cleanups/fixes (16TB etc) (fair)
   -  Bob Liu

*  AMD Radeon PCI GPU passthrough (none)
    Focusing on Xen 4.2 and qemu-traditional
   -  Kelly Zytaruk

*  xl does not handle migrate interruption gracefully (none)
    If you start a localhost migrate, and press "Ctrl-C" in the middle, you get 
two hung domains
   -  Ian Jackson

*  IO-NUMA - hwloc and xl (none)
    Andrew Cooper had an RFC patch for hwloc
    add restrictions  as to which devices cannot safely/functionally be split 
   -  Boris Ostrovsky

*  HVM guest NUMA (none)
   -  Matt Wilson

*  PVH - Migration of PVH DomUs. (none)
    Depends on migration2 code
   -  Roger Pau MonnÃ

*  PVH - Migration of guests from a PVH dom0  (none)
    Depends on migration2 code
   -  Roger Pau MonnÃ

*  ARM GICv2m support (none)
   -  Linaro (unknown)

== Up for grabs ==

*  OSSTest - also test Linux PVH guests

*  PoD fixes
    if you boot with memory <= maxmem we have a size estimation bug

*  TLB flushing without locks in Xen

*  xl does not support specifying virtual function for passthrough device

*  PCI hole resize support hvmloader/qemu-traditional/qemu-upstream with 
PCI/GPU passthrough

*  libx{c,l} error handling cleanup

*  Adding missing 'xend' features in libxl

*  xl list -l on a dom0-only system

*  xl list -l doesn't contain tty console port

*  xl: passing more defaults in configuration in xl.conf
    There are a number of options for which it might be useful to pass a default in 
xl.conf.  For example, if we could have a default "backend" parameter for vifs, 
then it would be easy to switch back and forth between a backend in a driver domain and a 
backend in dom0.

*  PVH - PVH working with shadow.
    Based on Tim's work

*  PVH - PCI passthrough for DomU.

*  AMD performance regressions

*  Performance due to hypercall preemption. More preemptions - slower. (none)

== Completed ==

*  pvSCSI in Linux (fronted and backend) (done)
   -  Juergen Gross

*  alternative_asm in Xen (done)
   -  Feng Wu

*  SMAP (done)
   -  Feng Wu

*  Re-write of vHPET (done)
    aka hvm/hpet: Detect comparator values in the past
   -  Don Slutz

*  vAPIC in PVHVM guests (Xen side) (done)
   -  Boris Ostrovsky

*  libvirt and xl discard support, so that libvirt can start using it (done)
   -  Olaf Hering

*  Xen PVH dom0 (done)
   -  Mukesh Rathor

*  Linux PVH dom0 (done)
   -  Mukesh Rathor

*  OSSTest: upstream QEMU (done)
   -  Ian Campbell

*  amd_ucode cleanups, verify patch size(enhancement) (mostly in master except 
one patch)

*  Data breakpoint Extension support (new-feat) (in master)

*  Feature masking MSR support (enhancement) (in master)

*  Support BRCM TruManage chip (Serial over LAN support) (new-feat) (in master)

*  fix vmce_amd* functions, unify mce_amd mcheck initialization (fixes/cleanups)

*  multiple AMD container files appended together in initrd (early initramfs)
   -  Aravind and Suravee

*  NUMA memory scrubbing (done)
   -  Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

*  ARM  - IOMMU support (done)
   -  Julien Grall

*  ioreq-server, aka secondary emulators (done)
   -  Paul Durrant

*  Netback multiqueue (good)
   -  Wei Liu

*  ARM Interrupt latency reduction (no maintenance interrupts) (good)
   -  Stefano Stabellini

*  Bigger PCI hole in QEMU (done)
    Needs to be rebased
   -  Don Slutz

*  ARM DRA7 support (done)
    v3 posted
    v3 with comments applied
   -  Andrii Tseglytskyi

*  rework VM Generation ID (done)
    v7 posted
   -  David Vrabel

*  Soft affinity for vcpus (was NUMA affinity for vcpus) (good)
    v11 posted
   -  Dario Faggioli

*  Linux pvops of Xen EFI hypercall support (done)
   -  Daniel Kiper

*  ARM: Use super pages in p2m (done)
    v5 posted
   -  Ian Campbell

*  QEMU 2.0 branch for qemu-upstream (done)
    It is v2.0 with 2.1 Xen backports.
   -  Stefano Stabellini

*  systemd support (done)
   -  Luis R. Rodriguez

*  Soft affinity for vcpus libxl/xl changes (done)
    v13 posted
   -  Dario Faggioli

*  HT enabled, virtualization overhead is high (Xen 4.4) (done)
    kernbench demonstrated it
    Looking and tracing
    False alarm.
   -  Dario Faggioli



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