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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.5 development update (July update)

Hi Konrad,

> The "prognosis" is now the likelihood of completion in the 4.5 timeframe.
> A bunch of items had moved to the completed phase which is fantastic.
> none - nothing yet
> fair - still working on it, patches are prototypes or RFC
> ok   - patches posted, acting on review
> good - some last minute pieces
> done - all done, might have bugs

> *  XenRT (Preemptive Global Earliest Deadline First) (ok)
>    v3
>   -  Meng Xu

PATCH v2 was posted last weekend (Sept. 7th). It is moving from ok to
good. (My plan is releasing the v3 this week to tackle George and
Dario's comments on the hypervisor part.)

The current patch status is ok. I plan to make it into good status
this week or next week.



Meng Xu
PhD Student in Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania

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