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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 6/9] xen: arm: Handle CP14 32-bit register accesses from userspace

Hi Ian,

On 09/09/14 09:23, Ian Campbell wrote:
Accesses to these from 32-bit userspace would cause a hypervisor exception
(host crash) when running a 64-bit kernel, which is worked around by the fix to
XSA-102. On 32-bit kernels they would be implemented as RAZ/WI which is
incorrect but harmless.

Update as follows:
  - DBGDSCRINT should be R/O.
  - DBGDSCREXT should be EL1 only.
  - DBGOSLAR is RO and EL1 only.
  - DBGVCR, DBGB[VC]R*, DBGW[VC]R*, and DBGOSDLR are EL1 only.

DBGDIDR and DBGDSCRINT are accessible from EL0 if DBGDSCRext.UDCCdis. Since we
emulate that as RAZ/WI we allow access.

Shall we just set DBGDSCRext.UDCCdis to avoid taking care of EL0 access?


Julien Grall

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