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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v7 0/29] Migration Stream v2


Presented here for review is v7 of the Migration Stream v2 work, which
contains a v1 for xl/libxl support, including on-the-fly conversion of legacy

There are some TODOs and questions in the final section of the series, but the
earlier sections are thoroughly tested and considered complete, having
undergone extensive testing as part of XenServer.

A git version is available from the saverestore2-v7 branch of:

In summary,

Patches 1 to 5 are misc bugfixes/improvements
Patches 6 and 7 are specification documents for the new stream
Patch 8 contains python infrastructure for conversion and verification
Patches 8 to 19 form the libxc changes
Patches 20 to 29 form the libxl and xl changes


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