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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 00/21] xen/arm: Add support for non-pci passthrough

Hi Ian,

On 10/09/14 03:11, Ian Campbell wrote:
My suspicion is that regular folks won't really be using passthrough
until it is via PCI and that in the meantime this functionality is only
going to be used by e.g. people building embedded system and superkeen
early adopters both of whom know what they are doing and can tolerate
some hacks etc to get things working (and I think that's fine, it's
still a worthwhile set of things to get into 4.5 and those folks are
worth supporting).

I'm also worried that we may be committing ourselves to a libxl API
already without really working through all the issues (e.g. other

Given that I wonder if we wouldn't be better off for 4.5 supporting
something much simpler at the toolstack level, namely allowing users to
use iomem= and irq= in their domain config to map platform devices
through (already works with your series today?)

This would need a bit a plumbing for irq part to allow the user choosing
the VIRQ (like Arianna did for MMIO range).

Is it required, or can we just number them from IRQ32 onwards?

The current code is actually numbering from IRQ32 onwards. I was mostly thinking of the Andrii use case. Shall we handle it for Xen 4.5?


Julien Grall

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