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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V6 5/5] xen: Handle resumed instruction based on previous mem_event reply

I've removed the CC's as I'm going a bit off-topic here.
In an ideal world, the emulation of the instruction should raise all relevant new mem events. We don't know a priori what the consumer might learn throughout the execution of this specific instruction. Does it read from or write to new gfns which have mem access masks set? TTBOMK, because the emulation does not go through the EPT fault handler, no mem access events will be generated, even if they should.

This is a long-standing shortcoming of mem event in security frameworks, in that mem access is only defined as raising events through EPT faults. One could conceivably craft an attack by having an instruction that through its emulation reads/writes a massive buffer going into other gfns. Conversely, "virtual DMA", i.e. qemu accesses via map_foreign_pages and grant accesses form backends don't raise mem access events. So there are many (conceptual) holes.

Could you provide an example instruction that is trapped-and-emulated by Xen which may be used in such a fashion? Also, is there any technical reason why we couldn't hook such emulations into the mem_event system?

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