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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V8 for-4.5 4/4] xen: Handle resumed instruction based on previous mem_event reply

> Purely from a technical perspective this patch (and hence now this
> series) looks fine to me, with one nit:

> While I think that most pre-existing types here are sufficiently
> self-explaining, I don't think the new type is, and hence it
> warrants a comment. Of course the final say on this will be with
> Tim (being the maintainer).
> I also think that with the series having got reduced, there's no
> longer a process problem, but I'd nevertheless like to point out two
> things for you going forward (in the hope that this won't make you
> drop your Xen efforts): With the larger pieces of code additions
> you have pending on top of this series, we would really like to see
> at least PoC in-tree users of any such addition, perhaps even going
> as far as integrating them with osstest. This is (among other
> aspects like helping understanding the purpose) so that the code
> you add (and that's - at least initially - used only by you) won't
> become stale sooner or later.

Or worst, you get hit by a bus and some patches end up triggering
regressions  - but nobody noticies since we have no automatic
way of detecting them - and the release comes out with regressions!

> The second aspect is that to help acceptance of the addition of
> changes that are large and/or very special purpose it would be
> beneficial if we would see previous smaller scale contributions by
> the exact same people (e.g. bug fixes, code reviews). This is in
> the spirit of, as is being said in the governance document, the
> project being run as a meritocracy, not a democracy.

I would  like to thank everybody involved in the design/review
and shaping the patches to get them in the hypervisor.

It is pretty awesome seeing something getting posted, changed
and shaped - and being ready for integration!

The emphasize Jan's view - you have quite the skill sets in the
code base - and it would be really great if it could be
also used in reviewing other folks code in the areas you feel
comfortable in - it would help on the load of patches that
are streaming in. Thought I am sure that at this point you had
been focusing on adapting the code to reviewer's feedback and
hadn't had a chance to look at other emails.

Looking forward to seeing more emails from you!
> And of course - as with any new functionality being added - it
> always helps if from the very beginning you make clear why
> existing functionality doesn't fit your needs.
> Jan
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