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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2/8] oxenstored: add facilities to raise the max open fds uplimit

On 15/09/14 23:39, Zheng Li wrote:
> To go beyond 1024 fds, we also need to raise the process limitation on max
> open fds (usually defaults to 1024).
> We need to know the system level max open fds so that we won't go above that.
> Simply setting the limit to RLIM_INFINITY doesn't work on Linux 3.x (EPERM), a
> patch on this went into the 2.x branch but not 3.x for some reason. Also,
> getting the system level nr_open is not very straightfoward on 3.x, which is
> mentioned in the comment inline.

From sysctl(2):

       "Since Linux 2.6.24, uses of [the sysctl] system call result in
        warnings in the kernel log.   Remove  it  from  your
        programs now; use the /proc/sys interface instead."

So using /proc/sys is the correct method and not some awkward workaround.


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