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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for-4.5 v7 00/21] Mem_event and mem_access for ARM

At 22:51 +0200 on 17 Sep (1410990663), Tamas K Lengyel wrote:
> The ARM virtualization extension provides 2-stage paging, a similar mechanisms
> to Intel's EPT, which can be used to trace the memory accesses performed by
> the guest systems. This series moves the mem_access and mem_event codebase
> into Xen common, performs some code cleanup and architecture specific division
> of components, then sets up the necessary infrastructure in the ARM code
> to deliver the event on R/W/X traps. Finally, we turn on the compilation of
> mem_access and mem_event on ARM and perform the necessary changes to the 
> tools side.
> This version of the series has been fully tested and is functional on both an
> Arndale board and on Intel hardware.
> This PATCH series is also available at:
> https://github.com/tklengyel/xen/tree/arm_memaccess7

Patches 1-6, 8-13 Acked-by: Tim Deegan <tim@xxxxxxx>
I'll respond to patch 7 separately.



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