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[Xen-devel] xen-blkback unmap with network retansmission will cause a coredump

Hi konrad and roger,

    When xen-blkback module executes unmap operation, and at the same time the 
skb of network retansmission uses this map page, it will cause a crash of 
The crash stack of this problem is like below.

    I search website, found citrix engineers has met this problem long time 
ago. And I realized citrix engineers solve this problem according to modify 
kernel stack.
Because this modification is very large, linux kernel community hasn't accept 
it until now. I have a immature thought, in dispatch_rw_block_io function, if 
this io
is a write operation, we use grant copy hypercall instead of grant map 
hypercall. I verify my modification and it can solve this problem.

    What's your opinion of my modification? I am very looking forward to your 
reply. Any reply is appreciated.

    Best wishes.

    Tao Chen

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