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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] git urls: prefix with GIT_PROTO_PREFIX

Ian Campbell writes ("Re: [PATCH] git urls: prefix with GIT_PROTO_PREFIX"):
> On Wed, 2014-09-24 at 15:11 +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > You would have to list all of the urls.  There isn't a formal way to
> > extract them from the xen.git tree (there's git grep and sed, but
> > that's pretty yucky and not necessary reliable).
> I meant the "git://" above literally, i.e. transliterate everything
> starting with "git://".

Oh.  I didn't know you could do that.  But I have just RTFM'd and it
appears that you could.

> Not terribly desirable for the path based usage, I'll admit.

I think I will try messing about with .gitconfig and see if this patch
is really needed.


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