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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v19 00/12] Remus/Libxl: Remus network buffering and drbd disk

Yang Hongyang writes ("[PATCH v19 00/12] Remus/Libxl: Remus network buffering 
and drbd disk"):
> This patch series adds support for network buffering and drbd disk
> in the Remus codebase in libxl.

Thanks for this submission.  You'll see I've now dealt (I think) with
all the patches and acked most of them.

The series needs to be rebased.  It doesn't apply to current staging.

There is still some trouble with 04/12.  I propose to try to rework
this tomorrow as I suggested and will send something tomorrow.
(Assuming nothing else catches fire...)  My proposal tomorrow will be
based on v19, and *not* rebased, unless I see a v20 in my INBOX
tomorrow morning.  I recommend that you use `git-rerere' so that you
don't have to redo the rebasing work when integrating my suggestions.

I don't think I have the facilities to properly test these patches.
If you could give me ASAP a set of simple instructions (which
hopefully involve only a single host) then I may be able to test what
I suggest to you.

Otherwise I guess I'll provide you with suggestions which will compile
but perhaps not work, and you will (I'm afraid) have to fix up the
new bugs I will probably introduce.

In any case whatever I propose should be reviewed and tested by you
before we apply it.  But subject to agreement on the code,, and
suitable test results, I will support your request for a freeze


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