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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 06/22] PCI/MSI: Introduce weak arch_find_msi_chip() to find MSI chip

>> MSI chip in this series is to setup MSI irq, including IRQ allocation, Map,
>> compose MSI msg ..., in different platform, many arch specific MSI irq 
>> details in it.
>> It's difficult to extract the common data and code.
>> I have a plan to rework MSI related irq_chips in kernel, PCI and Non-PCI, 
>> currently,
>> HPET, DMAR and PCI have their own irq_chip and MSI related functions, 
>> write_msi_msg(),
>> mask_msi_irq(), etc... I want to extract the common data set for that, so we 
>> can
>> remove lots of unnecessary MSI code.
> That makes sense. Can you please make sure that this does not conflict
> with the ongoing work Jiang is doing in the x86 irq area with
> hierarchical irqdomains to distangle layered levels like MSI from the
> underlying vector/irqremap mechanics.

Yes, I'm reviewing Jiang hierarchical irqdomains series, I'm interested in that 


> Thanks,
>       tglx
> .


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