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Re: [Xen-devel] RFC: Configuring rumprun-xen application stacks from Xenstore

On 13/11/14 11:22, Martin Lucina wrote:
back in July there was some discussion on configuring rump kernel
application stacks:

Some proposals were made, but no actual implementation work was done. In
the mean time, I have implemented the simplest possible mechanism I could
think of for rumprun-xen, using Xenstore.

The patches are available for review as PR #12:

Thanks Martin, great work!

Following is the high-level description from the Git commit:

Can you also post an example of the usage of your CLI tool? Actually, can you post a rough description of the entire process that a user would have to follow, i.e. compile, configure, run.

  - The rumpconfig module provides _rumprun_config() and
    _rumprun_deconfig() functions. These are called before and after the
    application main() function, and also in the case of deconfig when
    _exit() is called.

Is deconfig necessary? The rump kernel already automatically e.g. unmounts file systems and releases the dhcp lease when it's halted.

   - The "xr" driver script, currently located in app-tools/. The
     motivation for this script is twofold:

     Firstly, in order to write the configuration to Xenstore the domain
     must be created in a paused state so that we can retrieve its unique
     . Only then do we know where in Xenstore to write the
     configuration data.

     Secondly, it is my intention with this work to provide a
     "docker-alike" interface for running rumprun applications. The "xr"
     script is therefore the CLI for running such applications.

The user-facing configuration tool was sorely needed. I hate to go into naming, but ... can we call the tool "rumprun"? I think your tool will be the basis for running rumprun stacks beyond Xen, and we should try to avoid the user-visible syntax having any obvious shortcomings.

Note that in this initial version, only configuring IPv4 network
interfaces with DHCP is supported, and only using image files with ffs
or cd9660 filesystems for block devices is supported.

Would e.g. IPv6 support take longer than it took to write that paragraph ?-)

  - antti

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