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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] libxc: Expose the pdpe1gb cpuid flag to guest

At 01:29 +0000 on 19 Nov (1416356943), Zhang, Yang Z wrote:
> Tim Deegan wrote on 2014-11-18:
> > In this case, the guest is entitled to _expect_ pagefaults on 1GB
> > mappings if CPUID claims they are not supported.  That sounds like an
> > unlikely thing for the guest to be relying on, but Xen itself does
> > something similar for the SHOPT_FAST_FAULT_PATH (and now also for
> > IOMMU entries for the deferred caching attribute updates).
> Indeed. How about adding the software check (as Andrew mentioned)
> firstly and leave the hardware problem (Actually, I don't think we
> can solve it currently).

I don't think we should change the software path unless we can change
the hardware behaviour too.  It's better to be consistent, and it
saves us some cycles in the pt walker.



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