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[Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST v3 00/15] support for ARM32 arndale and cubietruck platforms

I'm preparing a bunch of each of these boards to be racked for inclusion
in osstest. This series adds the necessary osstest support:

      * Support for platforms which require us to supply a Device Tree
      * Removing various hardcoded midway assumptions
      * Some new features needed to workaround h/w quirks (of arndale in
      * Support for the power relay switch board which these are
        attached to
      * Some new convenience features

I have run a full (including host reinstall) build-* job on each

I have successfully run test-armhf-armhf-xl on cubietruck and this time
around on arndale too.

For reference the relevant bits of my ~/.xen-osstest/config are below.

Since v2 I've addressed review and figured out a working arndale kernel

Quite a bit of this is now acked and I think the rest is in pretty good
shape. The major blocker right now is that rerunning
mg-debian-installer-update pulls in a newer kernel from backports.org
which doesn't boot on the existing midway platform. I'm investigating
that at the moment.

Despite that in theory most of this could go in now, since the midway
kernel issue is already there if we rerun mg-debian-installer-update and
most of the rest is benign until osstest's db learns about the new
systems. "make-flight: Run a basic test on each arm platform" could be
omitted for now. Or we could just wait with the whole lot.


#HostProp_metrocentre_PowerMethod eth008 arm-pdu-01.uk.xensource.com admin 
password 1
HostProp_westfield_PowerMethod eth008 arm-pdu-01.uk.xensource.com admin 
password 2
HostProp_lakeside_PowerMethod eth008 arm-pdu-01.uk.xensource.com admin password 
HostProp_bluewater_PowerMethod eth008 arm-pdu-01.uk.xensource.com admin 
password 4

HostProp_braque_PowerMethod eth008 arm-pdu-01.uk.xensource.com admin password 5
HostProp_picaso_PowerMethod eth008 arm-pdu-01.uk.xensource.com admin password 6
HostProp_metzinger_PowerMethod eth008 arm-pdu-01.uk.xensource.com admin 
password 7
HostProp_gleizes_PowerMethod eth008 arm-pdu-01.uk.xensource.com admin password 8

HostGroupProp_arndale_LinuxSerialConsole ttySAC2
HostGroupProp_arndale_Build_Make_Flags -j4
HostGroupProp_arndale_XenSerialConsole dtuart
HostGroupProp_arndale_XenDTUARTPath /serial@12C20000
HostGroupProp_arndale_Interface_Force eth0
HostGroupProp_arndale_ExtraInitramfsModules clk-s2mps11 s5m8767 i2c-s3c2410 
HostGroupProp_arndale_Rootdelay 3
HostGroupProp_arndale_UBootScriptEarlyCommands setenv xen_addr_r 0x41000000


HostGroup_metrocentre arndale
HostProp_metrocentre_Fqdn metrocentre.uk.xensource.com
HostProp_metrocentre_Ether 9e:04:00:59:64:5a

HostGroup_westfield arndale
HostProp_westfield_Fqdn westfield.uk.xensource.com
HostProp_westfield_Ether a6:46:13:77:e8:2f

HostGroup_lakeside arndale
HostProp_lakeside_Fqdn lakeside.uk.xensource.com
HostProp_lakeside_Ether e2:e7:75:3f:df:4c

HostGroup_bluewater arndale
HostProp_bluewater_Fqdn bluewater.uk.xensource.com
HostProp_bluewater_Ether f2:dc:22:d7:e9:e9

HostGroupProp_cubietruck_LinuxSerialConsole ttyS0
HostGroupProp_cubietruck_Build_Make_Flags -j4
HostGroupProp_cubietruck_XenSerialConsole dtuart
HostGroupProp_cubietruck_XenDTUARTPath /soc@01c00000/serial@01c28000 
HostGroupProp_cubietruck_UBootScriptEarlyCommands setenv xen_addr_r 0x41000000

HostGroup_braque cubietruck
HostProp_braque_Fqdn braque.uk.xensource.com

HostGroup_picaso cubietruck
HostProp_picaso_Fqdn picaso.uk.xensource.com

HostGroup_metzinger cubietruck
HostProp_metzinger metzinger.uk.xensource.com

HostGroup_gleizes cubietruck
HostProp_gleizes_Fqdn gleizes.uk.xensource.com

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