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Re: [Xen-devel] running pygrub on split-partition disk layouts.

On Fri, 21 Nov 2014, Ian Campbell wrote:

An absolute age ago Michael posted a patch to allow pygrub to work with
split-partition layouts (i.e. those where the guests disk cfg refers to
xvda1, xvda2, etc rather than an xvda with a partition table). See
(patch itself is below).

Apparently at the time I was of the opinion that this was a reasonable
workaround for the underlying issue (although I seem to have thought I
had a better solution, not so sure right now...).

I'm not sure why it didn't go in (in the likely event I just dropped the
ball -- sorry!).

Anyway, this resurfaced recently in the context of Debian bug #745419:

#745419 seems to be unrelated to Michael's issue, it is a full disk
image case with an MBR etc.

Michael, are you still carrying this patch to the Fedora packages? If so
presumably it is without issue in the field so to speak?

Yes, it is still in Fedora (with a minor change to get it to apply as a line was added in the surrounding code). I haven't seen any bug reports relating to this patch.

        Michael Young

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